MakeSense is the community of people, who are ready to share their real-life experience for good causes

Make Sense. The app with a kind mission

Make Sense app unites people who are ready to share their real life-experience for a good cause.


Explore auctions that fit your goals

Auctions have several categories covering the interests of the community: experience, business, volunteering, workshop, sport. Choose your preferences via filters and discover interesting people in auctions.

Money received from auction go to charity


Say “Hey” to the community of like-minded people

Want to help others together? Connect to the community of like-minded people from all over the world. You can make life-changing connections at your own pace, on your own terms. Just swipe left or right to discover people with common interests or goals.

Create auctions and share your real-life experience

Share your experience for a good deed! Just create an auction and make an online or offline meeting with the winner.


Place a bid to win the meeting

The bidder with the highest offer by the end of the auction wins it. If your bid was the highest and you won the auction, you will be able to contact its owner through private messages after paying the donation.

Pay your bid and start communicating

Communication with the owner of the auction is possible only after you pay the bid. You can do it directly from the conversation window where the payment system is integrated securily. The funds will go to the charity associated with this auction.


Discover charitable auctions!

A new way to Make Sense! Meet like-minded people, share your experience, win exclusive workshops and donate to charity. Let’s join our efforts for a good cause!

For Charities

Make sense app is open to cooperation with charitable organizations. Let’s collaborate and raise more funds for your cause!

Problem & Solution

Problem: Charities need additional channels to get money. People need people to learn, communicate, share experience, grow and help each other.

Solution: Make Sense is an app where people can put up a meeting with them for auction, for the purpose of networking, business consultation, workshops or spending time together.

Money received from the auction is transferred to charity.

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Features In Make Sense

To provide users with the best possible experience, our team has developed important and useful features.

Free Trial

Full access to the community for free

Unique Design

Unique interface for the best experience


IOS and Android versions are available

User Friendly

Convenient and intuitive to use interface

Mailer Engine

Newsletter about new bids and auctions


Notifies about matches and new messages

Free Updates

Regular improvement and updating of the app

Fast Support

We are intouch 24/7 to help you

Our Users Feedback

We receive and analyze daily feedback from users around the world! Here's what they say about Make Sense: